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Rain fell from the sky drowning out the sounds of the nearby fight going on in the stone courtyard. Down the street from the fight, hunched by the weight of the rain falling on her sodden shoulders, walked the White Raven. She was dressed in her usual long cape made of the purest white fabric and embroidered with the raven family crest in a rich golden thread. A long hood cascaded down her back from its perch atop her head where it fell nearly obscuring her eyes. The woman walked with her head bowed, and her pale hands folded before her. Her slate gray eyes gazed, almost unseeing, at the ground beneath her. She looked up, one solitary, small, figure standing before a mass of men and women fighting to the death. All for power and for honor. "Stop!" She commanded in a strong voice that one would not suspect to come from a body so frail. The fight before her ceased as the black figures stopped their attack. The heir had spoken. "Come." She demanded in the same tone. The rain drizzled off every surrounding building and splattered to the stone ground loudly. Those dressed in black hurried, with a flurry of black robes, to surround the last Heir. Arms crossed over their hearts they all bowed as a single body before her. "No more fighting." She said sternly before turning to walk away. The mass of black nodded and moved as one. They all stood and the Ravens all followed their white leader with no more than a word of protest. There would be no more fighting today thanks to the word of The White Raven. The Ravens disappeared into the darkness and fog on the stormy evening, led by their star, before their swift enemy could attack.

This is something for a story, or role-play that I came up with one cool, rainy July day. I had family staying over and we got into some petty argument. I left because I didn't want them to see my tears. I walked around the loop that is our driveway. Walking though here I noticed how dark everything was. I also noticed how white my sweater was against all of it. Up in a tree somewhere to the right of me I heard the rough caw of a raven screaming at me. I felt one drop, then two drops of rain fall from the sky and splatter against my skin.

So do you want to hear more of the story?

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