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Okay, so I went to a mall when I was on my vacation in Eugene, Oregon. We all, my mom, brother, and sister, went to the mall and had dinner. I ate a wonderful Arbey's melt sandwich (they added Arbey's sauce too T_T). So after dinner in the food court I went shopping and looking around the area. They had a good amount of stores, but I took interest in one specifically. I went into a Hot Topic. When I was in that store I was browsing, my eyes scanning over the walls of T-shirts. I made my way over to the little key chains. Looking at these key chains, quite cute with their little sayings, I was enjoying myself.

So this guy, a geeky looking kid with glasses, thin hair, maybe early twenties or a high schooler walks up to me. He had those ear hole things in his ears, they were in the shape of triangles with rounded edges (they grosses me out). But anyway, he walks up to me and casually says, "Hey! How are you doing this evening?"

I was use to this question, they usually ask how you are doing before asking if you want any help finding something. "Yes, I am thank you. How are you doing?" I replied.

He said, "Well I'm doing alright. I'll be a whole lot better when I get off at 9 though. What are you doing tonight?"

Well I was left in a sort of shock, it's been a few years since someone's even asked. It took me a second to answer but I told him, "Well I'm on vacation with my parents." But after that he started asking more casual questions about where I was from and certain things like that. Then he told me to look him up on this Hot Topic myspace sight thing. So ya. That is my story! It kind of alarmed me, but it's all good! It was kind of sweet now that I look back at it.

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