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2009-09-06 01:10 pm
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Poor Thing

Black clouds rolled across the white washed skies.‭ ‬The wind picked up and the trees began to wave to the small band departing from their tiny forest home.‭ ‬The tree's blood red leaves followed them as they trekked forward,‭ ‬the wind whipping at their backs.‭ ‬There were two cloaked figures in front,‭ ‬and two in following.‭ ‬Together they carried a platform between them.‭ ‬The silky cloth flapped in the screaming breeze but miraculously did not fly away.‭ ‬Beneath this sheet lay what appeared to be a body,‭ ‬a human body.

Gem lay at rest,‭ ‬her icy pale hands folded over her stomach,‭ ‬her eyes closed.‭ ‬She rested in an eternal sleep.‭ ‬Or at least her body did.‭ ‬In fact the soul of the child hovered above her vessel.‭ ‬The spirit was still connected to the body,‭ ‬long ago cold.‭ ‬She could feel every bump that her carriers went over,‭ ‬every step that carried them farther and farther from her home.‭ ‬The old Tosoki's residence now lay silently hidden by the still bushes,‭ ‬and tall painted trees.

The ghost no longer knew what she would do.‭ ‬Her body was six feet under the cold ground.‭ ‬Her soul was left to wonder,‭ ‬but how far would that take her.‭ ‬She aimlessly floated for days seeking the truth behind her fate.‭ ‬All she found was a cat,‭ ‬a genie.‭ ‬Gem befriended the strange creature.‭ ‬She was drawn to it's power,‭ ‬it's sheer beauty that entranced her.‭ ‬But more than anything the fact that the genie acknowledged the lonely girl.‭

The genie offered her a gift,‭ ‬a chance for life,‭ ‬but of course it had it's restrictions.‭ ‬The ghost child agreed with the knowledge that she would be imprisoned,‭ ‬unable to travel the world as she had hoped,‭ ‬or to find love that her cold spirit longed for.‭ ‬She was bound to the remains of the old Tosoki's residence,‭ ‬aloud to walk though the lonely halls,‭ ‬to smell the flowers that slipped right though her hand.‭ ‬She could walk again,‭ ‬and appear almost solidly.‭ ‬She could feel the sun on her pale cheek.‭ ‬But the cat had made another promise.‭ ‬In this deal he would also stay with her,‭ ‬to keep her company.‭ ‬To always remind her on the irreversible choice she had made as he lives though all eternity.