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My first period class is Living on your Own. We are trying to study more places as we look into possible professions. I already know what I'm going for, so luckily our first field trip took us to a near by hospital. I was thrilled to go, and I really wanted to go, so I did.

So first we talked with a pharmacist, and then a pharmacy tech, then we met with a nurse. The hospital rooms were beautiful, really. Bright and beautiful. We went around to many other parts of the clinic, into the lap where we looked at their samples of growing bacteria, as well as white and red blood cells. They were very cool!

Well, one of the places we went was to the ultra-sound room. After they talked to us about the uses for the ultra-sound they asked for a male volunteer. Well, this guy, Ryan, was chosen. He was chosen without the knowledge of what would happen. The man asked him to remove his sweater... and his shirt... This boy is a guy who I've had a secrete crush on for a few years now, ever since he and I met on the dance floor after the guy I was with left... it was the last dance of the night, and we were both standing at the side lines, looking expectantly, longingly forward. He asked me to dance. Our hands met, we came a little closer... and the song ended... such a heart breaker! I want so much to get that dance back. But I digress.

Anyway, he was selected to remove both layers before our group of 12 people, 10 kids (high schoolers), 1 teacher, and our guide, and if you count the guy running the machine that would make 13 people. I will admit he looked really good. He was somewhat defined in the chest region, there was a tickle of orange hair down the middle of his chest, and he was pale. A sign, this wasn't a hobby of his, removing his shirt where the sun shines and eyes watch. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but it's a thought, right?

We watched them put the probe, covered in goo, to his chest. It took the man no time at all to focus on Ryan's heart. We watched the blood rush though it, though the chambers. We heard it beat, lub-dub, lub-dub. I was amazed both by the ultrasound and by the boy. The process amazed me, maybe this is where I will go for eventually. Maybe I'll start as a RN, but then progress to a specialized profession working with the ultra sound.

Anyway, after that we went back to meet Stitch, our newest in surgery technology. Our brain surgery, hysterectomy, and many other surgery doctor. This great machine that looks like it came out of a horror story! You know the movie Deep Blue Sea? Well this thing looks like what they put on the shark when they were testing the doctor's theory and drawing out the serum for a cure to Alzheimer's. Well it looks like that, and it's operated, like a game, by the doctor! This thing is freaky! I don't know if I would choose it when going to have a surgery, but what ever... I want to see it work first!

Then went to the baby ward, but sadly there were no babies. That did upset me, but it didn't crush me. That also sounded like a nice place to be, so we'll see. From the sound of it many of the people working there have many degrees, so maybe I will follow that path at some point. We shall see, but there is my thoughts anyhow on my first field trip this year.
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So my aunt and Uncle brought us some fish that they caught while fishing... So mom cooked them up the next night and we had rainbow trout. But she cooked them with the heads and eyes and tail all still on. She was going to teach us how to take them off, well my sis took one look at it and lost her appetite... she accidentally touched the tail, screamed, and ran away to the bathroom to wash her arm where it touched her... I actually learned something and ate it, it was good!
But anyway, now a week or so down the road Bella finds the place where mom hid the heads she ate it when she was walking the other day, and she went to find it and brought it to bed last night, my brother's bed.
So my brother sleeps up there with mom, and he woke up with bits of old fish stuck to the back of his head and the mess all over the bed mom didn't notice when she got up. This is what we call, sleeping with the fishes. Needless to say he was not happy, and he didn't approve of our jokes though out the day.
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I close my eyes and let my mind take over. Music plays softly into my ears. A new song, sweet and beautiful. Melodic, to say the least, lulling also. What am I passionate about? What in this "one wild and precious life" calls to my heart? What is the meaning for me to be here, to experience this life? I believe my passion is found within my writing, drawing, and on occasion within my job working with and handling animals. I often find myself believing that I was placed here to cater to others, to forget about the me in team and worry solely about the whole word. I find myself talking to strangers, acquaintances, and I listen to their stories, I try to take their pains and help them support the problems at hand. This I try to do before I look at what is going on in my life. I want to, more than anything, make people happy. In doing so to be comfortable with myself I must conserve and live by my morals.

My passion though falls into my writing. I love to jump into the body of another creature, human or not, and make them come alive in a whole new way. I love to give them life, and to experience what I cannot here in my living room. My first love, actual love, I believe was a writing partner. The first man who I "kissed" was a man made purely of words. But even though the development of the characters I became closer to him. This has happened now a couple times where I get so far into the character my feelings, me, I am the character. That was my first experience for love. I am still a dating virgin, as well as a virgin in many other fields. I have yet to experience a few things before I could ever dream to write about them, even so I don't think I could bring these fingers to type the words in my head and my heart.

Being a lover of writing, especially fiction, my imagination can remain forever youthful. Because I can dance within the body of one and love within the body of another my experience of living broadens. In the most awful of positions I get a look within myself, what would I do? Getting so into characters as you play a persona of ones self you get an ultimate source of life and your own morals and values. Never have I been more afraid than having a character in my image come an inch from death. When mortality is on the verge of immortality.

Deep within every soul that walks this blessed earth, on the lands given to us by our Lord, whom ever it may be, lies a child, a seed, waiting to grow. Every living thing experiences change. It is an important part of who we are. I have seen change in myself, not only physically as my body matures, not only mentally as my senses seem to come alive, but also spiritually. I feel a deeper connection with my Lord, and with myself. Though the power of words I could paint you a picture with any amount of detail. I could read to you the most beautiful poem, but what makes it all a part of you is the realization of what it means to you. What does it mean for me to have a made up world where I can play with others, my age, older, and sometimes younger. What does it mean for me to play people of all ages? A different type of experience is what I am given.

So for now it looks like my rant has taken me where I didn't expect to go. I went far past what I wrote for my English class. So my last question for the day is, what are you passionate about?
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The first time heard his voice I think my heart came to a complete stop. With another word of that southern tongue I think I was reborn. He continued to speak, leaving me a dumbfound fool. I knew right then and there the world would never be the same again, I would never be the same again.

With a strange, avid fascination I watched that brown haired boy speak. His lips met perfectly in a shy, crooked smile, oh and that laugh, that oh so perfect laugh that ran throughout the hall and slithered into my eager ears.

My eyes danced, or so my watching, giggling friends said. They described my face to be cherry red with flaming blush, and my jaw dropped nearly to the ground as I spotted the "god" of my existence.

I think my heart stopped again as those unnaturally blue eyes passed over my gawking face. With a loud, "EEP!" I leaped, much like a frog, behind my closest friend. "What is he doing?" I ask her timidly just as my picky ears picked up his soft chuckle.

Grinning from ear to ear my friend says to me, the red faced monster, "I think he saw you."

"Oh dear lord." I groan and buried my ashamed face in my arms.

"Whoa there!" My friend exclaimed, "Don't you ever think about setting this school on fire with those flames." She said indirectly about the heat that seemed to radiate from my body. "Oh look," She said smugly, "He's coming this way." The grin on her face widened to something much to the likeness of the Cheshire cat.

"No way!" I retort in an oddly high voice. I poke my head up over her shoulder to get a better look at the hall. Sure enough he is approaching out small group. My heart stops for the third time today. The world will never ever be the same. This I know for a fact, and it all started that morning I saw the brown haired southern boy who stopped my heart.

Poor Thing

Sep. 6th, 2009 01:10 pm
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Black clouds rolled across the white washed skies.‭ ‬The wind picked up and the trees began to wave to the small band departing from their tiny forest home.‭ ‬The tree's blood red leaves followed them as they trekked forward,‭ ‬the wind whipping at their backs.‭ ‬There were two cloaked figures in front,‭ ‬and two in following.‭ ‬Together they carried a platform between them.‭ ‬The silky cloth flapped in the screaming breeze but miraculously did not fly away.‭ ‬Beneath this sheet lay what appeared to be a body,‭ ‬a human body.

Gem lay at rest,‭ ‬her icy pale hands folded over her stomach,‭ ‬her eyes closed.‭ ‬She rested in an eternal sleep.‭ ‬Or at least her body did.‭ ‬In fact the soul of the child hovered above her vessel.‭ ‬The spirit was still connected to the body,‭ ‬long ago cold.‭ ‬She could feel every bump that her carriers went over,‭ ‬every step that carried them farther and farther from her home.‭ ‬The old Tosoki's residence now lay silently hidden by the still bushes,‭ ‬and tall painted trees.

The ghost no longer knew what she would do.‭ ‬Her body was six feet under the cold ground.‭ ‬Her soul was left to wonder,‭ ‬but how far would that take her.‭ ‬She aimlessly floated for days seeking the truth behind her fate.‭ ‬All she found was a cat,‭ ‬a genie.‭ ‬Gem befriended the strange creature.‭ ‬She was drawn to it's power,‭ ‬it's sheer beauty that entranced her.‭ ‬But more than anything the fact that the genie acknowledged the lonely girl.‭

The genie offered her a gift,‭ ‬a chance for life,‭ ‬but of course it had it's restrictions.‭ ‬The ghost child agreed with the knowledge that she would be imprisoned,‭ ‬unable to travel the world as she had hoped,‭ ‬or to find love that her cold spirit longed for.‭ ‬She was bound to the remains of the old Tosoki's residence,‭ ‬aloud to walk though the lonely halls,‭ ‬to smell the flowers that slipped right though her hand.‭ ‬She could walk again,‭ ‬and appear almost solidly.‭ ‬She could feel the sun on her pale cheek.‭ ‬But the cat had made another promise.‭ ‬In this deal he would also stay with her,‭ ‬to keep her company.‭ ‬To always remind her on the irreversible choice she had made as he lives though all eternity.
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Okay, so I went to a mall when I was on my vacation in Eugene, Oregon. We all, my mom, brother, and sister, went to the mall and had dinner. I ate a wonderful Arbey's melt sandwich (they added Arbey's sauce too T_T). So after dinner in the food court I went shopping and looking around the area. They had a good amount of stores, but I took interest in one specifically. I went into a Hot Topic. When I was in that store I was browsing, my eyes scanning over the walls of T-shirts. I made my way over to the little key chains. Looking at these key chains, quite cute with their little sayings, I was enjoying myself.

So this guy, a geeky looking kid with glasses, thin hair, maybe early twenties or a high schooler walks up to me. He had those ear hole things in his ears, they were in the shape of triangles with rounded edges (they grosses me out). But anyway, he walks up to me and casually says, "Hey! How are you doing this evening?"

I was use to this question, they usually ask how you are doing before asking if you want any help finding something. "Yes, I am thank you. How are you doing?" I replied.

He said, "Well I'm doing alright. I'll be a whole lot better when I get off at 9 though. What are you doing tonight?"

Well I was left in a sort of shock, it's been a few years since someone's even asked. It took me a second to answer but I told him, "Well I'm on vacation with my parents." But after that he started asking more casual questions about where I was from and certain things like that. Then he told me to look him up on this Hot Topic myspace sight thing. So ya. That is my story! It kind of alarmed me, but it's all good! It was kind of sweet now that I look back at it.
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Rain fell from the sky drowning out the sounds of the nearby fight going on in the stone courtyard. Down the street from the fight, hunched by the weight of the rain falling on her sodden shoulders, walked the White Raven. She was dressed in her usual long cape made of the purest white fabric and embroidered with the raven family crest in a rich golden thread. A long hood cascaded down her back from its perch atop her head where it fell nearly obscuring her eyes. The woman walked with her head bowed, and her pale hands folded before her. Her slate gray eyes gazed, almost unseeing, at the ground beneath her. She looked up, one solitary, small, figure standing before a mass of men and women fighting to the death. All for power and for honor. "Stop!" She commanded in a strong voice that one would not suspect to come from a body so frail. The fight before her ceased as the black figures stopped their attack. The heir had spoken. "Come." She demanded in the same tone. The rain drizzled off every surrounding building and splattered to the stone ground loudly. Those dressed in black hurried, with a flurry of black robes, to surround the last Heir. Arms crossed over their hearts they all bowed as a single body before her. "No more fighting." She said sternly before turning to walk away. The mass of black nodded and moved as one. They all stood and the Ravens all followed their white leader with no more than a word of protest. There would be no more fighting today thanks to the word of The White Raven. The Ravens disappeared into the darkness and fog on the stormy evening, led by their star, before their swift enemy could attack.

This is something for a story, or role-play that I came up with one cool, rainy July day. I had family staying over and we got into some petty argument. I left because I didn't want them to see my tears. I walked around the loop that is our driveway. Walking though here I noticed how dark everything was. I also noticed how white my sweater was against all of it. Up in a tree somewhere to the right of me I heard the rough caw of a raven screaming at me. I felt one drop, then two drops of rain fall from the sky and splatter against my skin.

So do you want to hear more of the story?

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