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I wish I could have taken you for a walk tonight,
The snow was beautiful.
It shone and gleamed like the sparkle of your eyes.
It would fall in big, light clumps onto our waiting tongues, plentiful.
With a flashlight in your hand we would trail through the trees of a forest haven. Sighs.
It was not cold, but your arms around me helped with that.
There would not be a single sound, but the tinkle of snow hitting the ground, and your breath blowing so softly against my ear.

I wish I had you in the car tonight.
The shaky glow of my head lights caught each dazzling thing.
I saw two deer, prowling the side of the road.
It did not matter though; you were there to keep my eyes on the road.
Your voice changes with the tunes on the radio, your beautiful voice.
I could have turned the radio off just to listen.

I wish I had you in my arms tonight.
So my sweet breath, crisp and foggy with the chilly night,
Could fall upon you and sooth your mind.
So our lips could touch and set my mind awhirl.
Together we would be like the snow,
The snow glistening so brightly
Detailed and special
Light and airy
Wild and crazy
But above all else eternally happy.

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