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I close my eyes and let my mind take over. Music plays softly into my ears. A new song, sweet and beautiful. Melodic, to say the least, lulling also. What am I passionate about? What in this "one wild and precious life" calls to my heart? What is the meaning for me to be here, to experience this life? I believe my passion is found within my writing, drawing, and on occasion within my job working with and handling animals. I often find myself believing that I was placed here to cater to others, to forget about the me in team and worry solely about the whole word. I find myself talking to strangers, acquaintances, and I listen to their stories, I try to take their pains and help them support the problems at hand. This I try to do before I look at what is going on in my life. I want to, more than anything, make people happy. In doing so to be comfortable with myself I must conserve and live by my morals.

My passion though falls into my writing. I love to jump into the body of another creature, human or not, and make them come alive in a whole new way. I love to give them life, and to experience what I cannot here in my living room. My first love, actual love, I believe was a writing partner. The first man who I "kissed" was a man made purely of words. But even though the development of the characters I became closer to him. This has happened now a couple times where I get so far into the character my feelings, me, I am the character. That was my first experience for love. I am still a dating virgin, as well as a virgin in many other fields. I have yet to experience a few things before I could ever dream to write about them, even so I don't think I could bring these fingers to type the words in my head and my heart.

Being a lover of writing, especially fiction, my imagination can remain forever youthful. Because I can dance within the body of one and love within the body of another my experience of living broadens. In the most awful of positions I get a look within myself, what would I do? Getting so into characters as you play a persona of ones self you get an ultimate source of life and your own morals and values. Never have I been more afraid than having a character in my image come an inch from death. When mortality is on the verge of immortality.

Deep within every soul that walks this blessed earth, on the lands given to us by our Lord, whom ever it may be, lies a child, a seed, waiting to grow. Every living thing experiences change. It is an important part of who we are. I have seen change in myself, not only physically as my body matures, not only mentally as my senses seem to come alive, but also spiritually. I feel a deeper connection with my Lord, and with myself. Though the power of words I could paint you a picture with any amount of detail. I could read to you the most beautiful poem, but what makes it all a part of you is the realization of what it means to you. What does it mean for me to have a made up world where I can play with others, my age, older, and sometimes younger. What does it mean for me to play people of all ages? A different type of experience is what I am given.

So for now it looks like my rant has taken me where I didn't expect to go. I went far past what I wrote for my English class. So my last question for the day is, what are you passionate about?

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