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So my aunt and Uncle brought us some fish that they caught while fishing... So mom cooked them up the next night and we had rainbow trout. But she cooked them with the heads and eyes and tail all still on. She was going to teach us how to take them off, well my sis took one look at it and lost her appetite... she accidentally touched the tail, screamed, and ran away to the bathroom to wash her arm where it touched her... I actually learned something and ate it, it was good!
But anyway, now a week or so down the road Bella finds the place where mom hid the heads she ate it when she was walking the other day, and she went to find it and brought it to bed last night, my brother's bed.
So my brother sleeps up there with mom, and he woke up with bits of old fish stuck to the back of his head and the mess all over the bed mom didn't notice when she got up. This is what we call, sleeping with the fishes. Needless to say he was not happy, and he didn't approve of our jokes though out the day.

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