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Okay, so here we go. I had class today from 11 to 12:15. I could have gone home right then and did my homework or whatever for the rest of the day. I had two other plans however. First, I searched and searched the house several times this morning before leaving for school. I couldn’t find my sunglasses anywhere. I checked in all of my usual places, but they were nowhere to be found. So with a sunken, woe is me soul I left the house, reluctantly wearing my mother’s sunglasses. This of course happened out of the kindness of her heart, but I had to be nasty in my foul mood and poke fun. “So I’m going to go to school wearing Willy Wonka’s sunglasses?” I asked her, a jab at the amusing rounded shape of the shades.
“Don’t poke fun at the glasses offered to you.” She said, and as fate would have it I did end up wearing them.
So after class let out I walked out into the blazing hot sun and with squinting eyes I walked across campus all the way to Walmart. I looked at their sun glass selection, nothing extraordinary. I found one pair I kind of, sort of liked, but not really all that much. I called mom and asked her if $19.99 was too much for sunglasses. She suggested I go to target, and so I put the sunglasses back and trekked the miles long path over to Target. I felt good about doing it though, so there was that at least. Walking into Target my eyes were greeted with a wall of sunglasses. There were all sorts of sunglasses, ranging from dorky to dorkier, even going to the point of “Who in the right mind would buy these?” Finally I found a suitable pair of sunglasses that would work for what I needed. They weren’t too tight, or too restricting, the only problem was they were not mine. I was thirsty so I went to get a drink as well. Coming back to the check out I had somehow accumulated a 15 pack of multi colored glow sticks and a adorable pumpkin sticky note pad. (I collect paper, well not just paper but stationary.) So I get to the check out and open my bag. What is the first thing I see in the bag? Of course I found none other than the mysteriously missing sunglasses. I stand in line for a moment and nibble at my lip before I gather my small amount of stuff and walk off to return the glasses that I no longer had a need for.
So I return to campus now to wait for another four hours for a club to begin. I heard about the club at Orientation, and I was in the high school version of this same club. So after sitting around for four hours I find out after the meeting that I cannot actually become a member of the club until I have at least 12 credits under my belt. Fantastic. What a wonderful, beautiful waist of my time. Oh! And in addition to this I ran into (not literally) the guy who took me to prom as he sat out at a bench and waited for his cousin to come pick him up. “I was going to call you,” He says, “My mom said I should find out what your breaks are.” Great…. The last person I really wanted to hear say that said it. Starting college I was hoping to meet lots of new and exciting people! I was also hoping that I might break my no boyfriend streak before I turned 19; well I guess the bar has risen to before I die. He is a nice guy and all, but I don’t feel as happy as I should around someone I might take romantically. He remembers everything, and when I say everything I mean every fault of mine he knows of. That is what he talked about at dinner before we went to Prom. Yes, he is a keeper. *gags*
Okay, so then there was also this great big dog that was chained to one of the columns next to the part of the school where he was sitting. I wanted to pet it, so I walked up to him and let him sniff my hand. Once he was done I tried to pet him. He did not want that. So my friend gets this idea in his mind that he will teach me how to touch a dog... Like I haven't been doing that ALL SUMMER LONG! ((For those of you who do not know I work at an animal clinic.)) So he walks up to the dog and ends up chasing him around this column. I laugh to myself as my finger tips skim over the dog's fluffy back, and my friend is still chasing him. Oh yes, and what was it he was suppose to be doing? Teaching me how to touch a dog.
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My first period class is Living on your Own. We are trying to study more places as we look into possible professions. I already know what I'm going for, so luckily our first field trip took us to a near by hospital. I was thrilled to go, and I really wanted to go, so I did.

So first we talked with a pharmacist, and then a pharmacy tech, then we met with a nurse. The hospital rooms were beautiful, really. Bright and beautiful. We went around to many other parts of the clinic, into the lap where we looked at their samples of growing bacteria, as well as white and red blood cells. They were very cool!

Well, one of the places we went was to the ultra-sound room. After they talked to us about the uses for the ultra-sound they asked for a male volunteer. Well, this guy, Ryan, was chosen. He was chosen without the knowledge of what would happen. The man asked him to remove his sweater... and his shirt... This boy is a guy who I've had a secrete crush on for a few years now, ever since he and I met on the dance floor after the guy I was with left... it was the last dance of the night, and we were both standing at the side lines, looking expectantly, longingly forward. He asked me to dance. Our hands met, we came a little closer... and the song ended... such a heart breaker! I want so much to get that dance back. But I digress.

Anyway, he was selected to remove both layers before our group of 12 people, 10 kids (high schoolers), 1 teacher, and our guide, and if you count the guy running the machine that would make 13 people. I will admit he looked really good. He was somewhat defined in the chest region, there was a tickle of orange hair down the middle of his chest, and he was pale. A sign, this wasn't a hobby of his, removing his shirt where the sun shines and eyes watch. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but it's a thought, right?

We watched them put the probe, covered in goo, to his chest. It took the man no time at all to focus on Ryan's heart. We watched the blood rush though it, though the chambers. We heard it beat, lub-dub, lub-dub. I was amazed both by the ultrasound and by the boy. The process amazed me, maybe this is where I will go for eventually. Maybe I'll start as a RN, but then progress to a specialized profession working with the ultra sound.

Anyway, after that we went back to meet Stitch, our newest in surgery technology. Our brain surgery, hysterectomy, and many other surgery doctor. This great machine that looks like it came out of a horror story! You know the movie Deep Blue Sea? Well this thing looks like what they put on the shark when they were testing the doctor's theory and drawing out the serum for a cure to Alzheimer's. Well it looks like that, and it's operated, like a game, by the doctor! This thing is freaky! I don't know if I would choose it when going to have a surgery, but what ever... I want to see it work first!

Then went to the baby ward, but sadly there were no babies. That did upset me, but it didn't crush me. That also sounded like a nice place to be, so we'll see. From the sound of it many of the people working there have many degrees, so maybe I will follow that path at some point. We shall see, but there is my thoughts anyhow on my first field trip this year.

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