Feb. 10th, 2010

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It's not my fault that I got a ton of homework tonight... it's not my fault that they called me into work on a day I was suppose to have off... so when I ask if they are busy because if they're not I'd like to stay home and do some homework and study for tests then everyone has to know. I called just to ask if they were busy, simple enough... everyone got involved... of course they were busy! So I was ready to say, "Alright then, I'll come in, it's not a big deal..." But then before I knew it they were telling me to hang up because my boss would be calling me. So I hung up and went to get my clothes together for work. I needed to get to work soon I figured... So my boss called my cellphone. She started by asking me how I was and all that nice stuff, but then she started talking to me like it wasn't alright that I asked if they were busy. She said I really was needed at work, even if it didn't seem like it. She said that it was important for me to be there when I was scheduled and she asked if this was something I could foresee as being a constant problem... I tried to explain that it was just a random thing and that I had several tests tomorrow. Simple enough right? Well she gave me one hour off and then I came in the last hour of work... It was nice of her, and it helped. I appreciate it, but even then she was saying that I shouldn't make a habit out of it... I think that is how we lost Megan. She recognized that I've never done it before, but really... it was a harmless question I thought...

So I went into work at 5 and I felt like a ghost. No one said hi when I walked in. They all seemed angry with me. They had nothing to say to me. Then they bustled around the clinic doing all of the work... I felt like they really didn't need me there. And I felt like they were proving it. So ya... not only did I have all of this homework, but the whole work thing was very upsetting and it made me cry. Not that anyone was being rude or anything, I just have a problem with people talking at me... it started in 5th grade with my teacher there... she shattered my emotional stability when it comes to having someone talk at me, teacher, boss or other.

I want this week to end... I NEED it to end soon...

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