Dec. 18th, 2009

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Miracles are there for those who wait for them. They give you peace and help to release you from your sadness after a loss. I sat at the supper table talking with my mother, brother, and sister. The conversation we shared was not something I remembered, though it might have been concerning dad. The door bell rang. I jumped from my seat to answer it. The world around me was oddly bright and colorful, but it was home, just as everything is. I was almost to the entry way when my father walked through the door. I stopped; amazed that he was standing there just before me. I jumped forward and hugged him tightly, but when I opened my eyes and looked up, he wasn’t in my arms anymore. Dad said nothing, he only smiled, but for a mere second. He simply walked past me and to the stairs where he disappeared into the darkness of the basement where I sleep. I reached out as if I could stop him, but I could not, he was gone.

I woke up. My eyes fluttered. I lay on my pillow. What had awakened me? My eyes were closed again as I prepared for sleep. I felt something soft, like a feather, brush past my cheek. I opened my eyes. The world was suddenly shrouded in light. The curtains that surrounded the area in the basement where I slept glowed with a heavenly light. They blew lightly and brushed against me. My room around me disappeared and the bright light supported me. On the other side of the white sheet I saw a silhouette of a man. Immediately I knew who it was. It was my father, and this is where he was now. The silhouette moved around, unhindered by health problems. I recognized him and realized the strength by which the figure moved was indeed the strength of the undying soul. He had returned and was stronger now than he had ever been.

I use to think heaven was on the other side of the clouds, where the sun shone so brightly, but having seen the tops of those clouds I no longer believe it. Heaven is in a place that humanity cannot touch. Heaven is somewhere within ourselves, within the space that grants us life. That is where he is now, safe and sound, forever a part of me.

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